The practice of yoga has been an integral part of the health, fitness and spiritual wellness industries for many years. With all the love and exposure found on social media from yogis across the globe, it almost seems inevitable that yoga would continue to spread further into the world of lifestyle advice, and now it has. 2019’s latest beauty trend recognises the appeal of yogic health, namely “yoga skin”.


Dewy, dewy, dewy

Yoga skin embraces both the dewy skin achieved from practicing yoga and recreating the look with neutral makeup products. Although the hype surrounding glowing skin has been present throughout 2018, the look has coined a new name to match the fresh start of a new year. Gone are the days of matte foundation and compact powders (for now). Your new goal: Channel your inner radiant self and display it on your face.

yoga skin

Makeup tips to achieve the look

The beauty world has provided us with a makeup routine to perfect the shiny, fresh-faced look in case we don’t manage to get a yoga class in before we hit the streets. As advised by makeup expert Sara Hill (who discovered this gem of a look), the must-have products to rock yoga skin include liquid foundation, facial oil and liquid highlighter, all mixed into one healthy concoction. Additional options include primer and glow drops. The goal is simply to create a hydrated and plump appearance, without the pressure of looking flawless or airbrushed. Once your skin is shimmering, the rest of your beauty routine can be applied lightly and subtly. Possibly the best part of the whole trend is the fact that it’s nearly effortless and can be done in a lot less time than that of contouring and baking.

Recreate the look

For all those who aren’t yogis, these optimal and affordable products will have your skin revived in just a few simple applications the way Sara Hill intended:

Products to use!

  • L’Oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation 30ml – R230.00 available from Clicks
Via Clicks
  • Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer 14ml – R92.95 available from Dischem
Catrice serum primer
via Dischem
  • Gosh Lumi Drops Liquid Highlighter 15ml – R162.00 available from Foschini
Gosh Lumi Drops
via Foschini
  • Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil 30ml – R310.00 available from The Body Shop
Oils of Life Facial Oil
via The Body Shop
  • SKOON. Glow Drops Concentrate 5ml – R179.10 available online from Faithful To Nature
SKOON Glow Drops
via Faithful to Nature


Optimal yoga poses to create yoga skin the natural way

While there’s nothing wrong with opting for the makeup method to get your radiant glow, several yoga poses can assist with achieving natural yoga skin. Most of these poses are what are known as inversions, which are poses where your head is above your head (basically some form of being upside down). These poses can be done anywhere, be it at your nearest studio or in your bedroom. For those who are new to yoga, the easier of these poses are a forward standing fold, downward facing dog and a supported shoulder stand. The benefits provided from these simple poses comes from the rush of blood, nutrients and oxygen to the head and face, which are vital for the desired youthful glow.

yoga pose

Whether you prefer the makeup method or practicing a few minutes of yoga each day, the process of rejuvenating your appearance couldn’t be easier. Now this is what we call lit, both inside and out.

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