There are a lot of wineries to explore in the Western Cape and there are many lists pointing out the “best wineries” that there is to offer. We would like to tell our story of some of the most unique wineries out there and why we think they are special and why you should visit them.

1. Annandale Wine Estate:

The wines are between 11 to 14 years old in French oak barrels. This is one of the reasons how it differentiates itself from other wineries.  It adds an extra element and mouthfeel which if you ever wanted to challenge your pallet a little bit more, then here is your chance. Owned and run my old Springbok player Gerhard “Hempies” Du Toit, you will feel at home here.

Open for tasting at 10AM until 5PM daily and closed on Sundays.

2. Camberley Wine Estate:

The moment you step into Camberley, you will think it is in some guys’ house and be skeptical. But trust us: once you walk through the cellar and into the tasting room you will know you are in for an adventure filled tasting experience. They have some incredible paintings inside the tasting room and the wines are absolutely delicious. Anybody who gets the chance to taste at this estate will be planning their next visit to Camberley Wine Estate.

Open for tasting at 10AM until 5PM daily except on Sundays which is 10AM until 3 PM.

3. De Grendel Wine Estate:

If there is a word to describe this Estate it would be “wow” because it’s the one word you can’t stop saying when you visit De Grendel. From their tranquil wines and views to the cider (that will rock your world), this Estate sets the standards for wine estates around the Western Cape.

Open for tasting at 9AM until 5PM daily except on Sundays which runs from 10AM until 4PM.

4. Eagles Nest Wine Estate:

This estate is a hidden gem. (Well, not so hidden anymore as it has become extremely popular of its short spam of being around). The more you go, the more you just keep falling in love. The wines are amazing and so is the garden where the tastings are conducted. This wine estate is pet friendly so bring your furry friends along for some wine tasting fun. Just remember, your dog can’t drive you home once you are done tasting.

Open for tasting daily from 10AM – 4:30PM.

Which wine estate will you be visiting this summer? We want to join you for a glass of wine. Let us know in the comments below!

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