Zoey Sneedon

Bouncy curls that ooze personality are the agenda. For those of us born with
stick straight hair, this sounds like a dream. Coincidentally perms are back with a vengeance… Not the 80’s poodle perm that your mom had at her matric dance though. I came across a picture of my fringe looking like strings (I wish the barcode aesthetic was real) and decided that a modern perm was for me.

bad haircut

Here is my journey to getting curls!

I booked my appointment at one of the trendiest salons. My hairdresser sat me down and explained the process to me. She described straight hair as a plastic straw. In order for the straw to curl it would need to be melted around a round item and then cooled down again. So my hair would be undergoing two rounds of chemicals.

Firstly they wrap your hair around the curlers, and this takes the longest. Then a liquid that smells like hair removal cream is poured over your tightly coiled locks. I later found out the liquid is a cousin of hair removal cream.

hair damage

While waiting 20 minutes, I embraced my aunty from the block by smoking in the road, fully kitted in my hairdressing gown. The bonds of my hair had apparently broken by this stage and it was time for the second chemical. Luckily
the “setting” liquid smelled somewhat pleasant.

curlers in hair

After a 3-hour ordeal, it was themoment of truth. I headed over to the washbasin where the foam curlers would be unraveled and my new curls would be rinsed. I looked into the mirror opposite me and noticed slight panic on my hairdressers face. This is it, I thought, I’m going to have to shave my hair off.

Britney spears melt down

“Have you ever heard of resistant hair?” someone behind me murmured. 3 hours, 2 rounds of chemicals and about 20 rollers later and my hair did not even have a single kink. My hair didn’t sustain any damage and it actually seemed thicker. It still wasn’t curly. I would not quit until I succeeded in my mission, so I booked myself in for another perm.

hair salon

I returned the next week with more determination and repeated the process.
When I emerged from the washbasin for the final reveal, there they were! The
jolly little spirals I longed for.

curly hair

If you’re considering a perm, find out beforehand if you have resistant hair. You might need to lengthen your fringe if you have one or cut a layer here and there but it’s completely worth it. Hair is temporary. Never settle for a style that doesn’t excite you, even if it means you have to force it.

Stay TrendE.