Are you a fan of throwback Thursdays? Are you looking for an amazing vintage store? Look no further we have a LOCAL GEM we want to share with you – Junk and Disorderly is its NAME and it is based in Woodstock!

Junk and Disorderly is a haven of unique vintage garments in the heart of Woodstock. Their collection is mainly vintage, but they have started making their own Junk and Disorderly collection including s-dresses and t-shirts. They pride themselves on curating a specific range of vintage clothing from the 80s-2000s. All of their vintage clothing items are sourced locally in South Africa, have been washed, sometimes altered or even fixed beforehand, tagged and then put on their rails or online. Now if that isn’t caring about your customers then I don’t know what is.

When looking at the clothes that Junk and Disorderly stock it’s clear that quality is very important to them. From the vintage denim to the vintage T-shirts and their infamous sunnies. By stocking vintage pieces Junk and Disorderly is really doing their bit for the environment. Stocking vintage items that are locally sourced cuts down on waste and pollution that the fashion industry creates (Spoken about in our Fast Fashion article). Not only do they do that, but by sourcing from within South Africa they contribute even more towards the country’s economy. So if you want to spend money on some popping vintage clothes then Junk and Disorderly is the place.

If you want some vintage pieces but you don’t know where to start we have a few must have Junk and Disorderly vintage pieces to kick off your vintage binge.

Black pinafore – A black denim pinafore dress. Its not form fitting. Versatile, can be worn in Summer as is or in Winter with a nice knitted legging and a pair of boots accompanied with a nice turtleneck.

Leopard print blouse – Perfect for wearing with a denim skirt and a pair of doc martins.

Leopard Print Shirt
Image via: Junk and Disorderly online


Denim skirt – Would be amazing with a nice tank top or vintage shirt.

Junk and Disorderly is a pretty small business and is being run by one person, but the store are certainly making big waves. Junk and Disorderly makes buying clothes an intimate experience. You feel as if you are talking to a friend and this relationship is what will make Junk and Disorderly renowned.


Junk and Disorderly is totally TrendE and we think you should totes buy from there!

Stay TrendE.