TrendE is an online entertainment and lifestyle magazine about all things trendy – and all things trending. TrendE is by young people, for young people. A fun, young, and not-so-serious update on what’s happening in and around Cape Town.

(art, fashion, beauty) 

Trendees are updated on the latest news in the art, fashion and the beauty scene. We focus on the newest trends in fashion and beauty in South Africa and across the globe.

(restaurants, wineries, cafes, recipes) 

We are all about bringing you the coolest coffee shops and restaurants in Cape Town. We will even toss a few recipes to put to the test. TrendE Food makes sure that you will not run out of options when picking a restaurant!

(celebrity news, TV shows, movies, music, point of view)

Do you want the South African spin on trending news from all over the world? Look no further. If it’s trendy, trending or a trend worth following, you’ll get it hot off the press from us. We cover the latest celeb gossip, must-watch TV shows and movies, music reviews and point of view pieces.

TrendE Events are events, concerts, festivals and markets happening in and around Cape Town. We give you a heads up about upcoming events and how to best prepare for them!

We give young individuals the opportunity to contribute to our TrendE News. Our writers write about their own experiences and share it with you. This allows TrendE to have eyes everywhere in the Mother City.