If you say you don’t like Friends, then you’re either a liar or have not watched it before and therefore your opinion is irrelevant. It’s just one of those series that you can watch from start to finish (literally all 10 seasons, 234 episodes), over and over again, without any of the jokes ever getting old.

Disclaimer: If you have not watched the series religiously and with complete dedication and commitment, then you might read some of these quotes and not understand anything, at all. In which case, we strongly advise that you begin binge-watching right away.



We’ve all been there. Bae picks you up and asks where you want to go for dinner or what you want to do. You sit and stare blankly into the abyss because decision-making gives you anxiety and you can’t handle the pressure. You guys end up watching another re-run of Friends at home while eating Simply Asia… again… for the 3rd time this week.

Well, we’re here to tell you that we’ve got you covered. Here are some fun and cute date ideas to do in and around Cape Town.

  1. V&A Waterfront

The Waterfront is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cape Town, and there’s nothing wrong with being a tourist in your own country. There is so much to do, from shopping to movies to visiting the aquarium to eating at one of the many, many restaurants. You can even take a romantic ride on The Cape Wheel and kiss when you get to the top! You can literally do anything and everything here, but one thing you can’t leave the Waterfront without doing is visiting Gelato Mania for some delicious Italian treats.

waterfront cape town

2. Signal Hill

Who doesn’t love a little drive up to the top of a mountain, with a cute date, a picnic basket and a view looking over the Atlantic Ocean and the sky full of stars? Definitely not us. Signal Hill is a great spot to watch the sunrise or sunset, whether you hike or drive up, we guarantee it’ll be a date to remember!

signal hill

3. The Galileo Open Air Cinema

This is a definite must! Think of your typical 80s drive-in, only no cars, but a blanket and snacks under the stars. The venues include Kirstenbosch Gardens, Cape Winelands, Battery Park Waterfront, Plaisir de Merle Wine Estate, Rustenburg Girls High School and more. This is such a great date idea if you’re wanting something different, but more chilled and special.

The Galileo Open Air Cinema

4. Grand West Casino

There’s so much to do when visiting the casino – aside from gambling all your money away! There’s the arcade, the cinema, the bowling alley, the ice-rink and let’s not forget all the foooood. No matter what you choose to do at Grand West, you’re guaranteed to have a blast!

Grand West Casino

5. Town

Everyone living in the Western Cape knows that the Cape Town CBD is the place to be. Take a walk down Long Street or Bree Street and you’ll find yourself trying to decide which restaurant and/or bar looks the most inviting. And don’t get us started on First Thursday’s – those are the nights that the streets become flooded with crowds of drunk, hungry and happy people.

Cape Town Night Life

7. Camps Bay

If you’re wanting to really get out and do something special, it’s worth the mission driving through to Camps Bay and grabbing a bite at one of the ocean-view restaurants. There’s Col Cacchios, Chinchilla, Cafe Caprice, Hard Rock Cafe and so much more. This is definitely one of the classier date spots.

 Camps Bay

8. Mojo Market

If you’re like us and you love a good market, this is the one for you! The Mojo Market is a food and lifestyle market which has live music, sports screening, 30 food stalls as well as some artisan retail. And the best part? It doesn’t close when the sun goes down!

Mojo Market

Hands up who got great, solid ideas for date night?

Stay TrendE.


It’s no secret that we love a good fast fashion outlet, mainly because they’re inexpensive and (almost) always up to date with the latest trends. Some of our favourite retailers include H&M, Forever 21, Cotton On, TheFix and Mr Price. Walk into any one of these stores and you’re guaranteed to find some of the latest trends at some of the most affordable prices!

And of course, who doesn’t love a good splurge, especially when you’re able to get more for less. However, we hate to break it to you, but our beloved fast fashion does indeed have a dark side.

Fast fashion can be defined as inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends. But is it too good to be true?

The answer is, unfortunately, yes. Details

Romantic Comedies, despite being total cliches, are life-savers when it comes to falling in love and falling apart. That feeling of knowing that a fictional character gets you, on some level, and knowing that there are a million other girls around the world who can relate. The bottom line is: Rom-Coms remind us that we’re not alone in our heartbreak. Here are 20 of the most relatable rom-com quotes – PSA: grab your tissues.


According to Mark Schneider, “The easiest way to categorise a fad is one word: short-lived.” The primary difference between fashion and a fad is that fashion has the potential to be a long-term influencer, while a fad typically only lasts for a season or even less than a season. Summer 18/19 is going to be full of both new and relived trends, and all we want to ask you is, are these trends fashion or fads?


They All Liking It, So They Putting a Ring on It!

Lets talk love – celeb love, to be exact. Within the last 3 months, we’ve seen and heard of multiple celeb couples becoming official – and by official, we mean “he liked it so he put a ring on it”-official. In fact, we’ve lost track of how many celeb weddings we’re going to be attending (we wish * sigh).