The gym can be intimidating! We all think everyone is watching us and judging us while we compare ourselves and half the time the machines are occupied… but that doesn’t need to stop you from getting a kick-ass cardio session in!

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You feel anxious, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have an anxiety disorder.
You feel sad, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are depressed.
You get mood swings, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are bipolar.
You get angry, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have anger management issues.
Anxiety is a part of most people’s lives these days and it’s so easy to label ourselves and heighten our humane symptoms and assume we have a disorder. The mind is the most powerful tool. What we put into our mind on repeat, becomes the outcome of our life. This relates to the power of affirmation.
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Tattoos create a division in society depending on people’s perceptions and beliefs. Some say that a tattoo will ruin a person’s chances of landing a distinguished job or link negative connotations to the art form. However, there are others that embrace the art of tattoos as a form of personal expression, using their body as a canvas to tell a unique story about themselves and their lives.  Then there are also people that get tattoos to create a memory of someone special or of a loved one who’s passed away. The generation gap between the older generation and generation X and Y has fueled the hot topic debate of tattoos as a societal acceptance.

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Athleisure is everywhere. Whether it’s your go to outfit for running errands or just popping over for a catch-up with friends, at your weekly Tashas breakfast;  it’s always acceptable.  

According to research by Euromonitor, South Africa has seen a growth of 36% in Athleisure over the last five years. Here are a few local Athleisure brands we are obsessed with at the moment: Details