A YouTube exclusive is coming THROUGH for only 2 days on the 15th and 17th of November at Ster-Kinekor cinemas! An almost sold out 4 shows in selected cinemas will be playing the anticipated BTS Wings tour movie, with behind-the-scenes moments and interviews from the band members.

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So you’ve been watching K-pop MV’s and wondering how all those idols remain so flawless and poreless and full of youth? Well, besides photoshop and a talented make-up artist, they are probably following these skincare steps below. Here is a 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine to follow:

Skin Care
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Skin Care Routine Meme
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1. Cleanser / Make-Up Remover:

Your first cleanse shouldn’t have you feeling like you just left a Tinder date minus your dignity. You don’t want it to talk about all the great things it can do for you, only to leave you feeling betrayed ’cause it lied and left you stranded on a dry AF island, exposed and thirsty, and didn’t bother to call in the morning – cos that’s #harsh Get you a cleanser that makes you feel refreshed and hydrated,

An oil based cleanser works Mulan wonders when you have a full beat on, melting away those infinite layers of make-up, sebum, and air pollution.


Products we love: Clean it Zero oil cleanser from Glow Theory for R345/100ml, Heimish All Clean Balm from Glow Theory for R275/120ml.

2. Gel / Foam Cleanser:

Do you shampoo your hair twice before conditioning? Double cleansing is essentially the same thing, but for you skin! The first cleanse gets rid of the initial layers of dirt, and the second should wash away any left over remains, like deleting said Tinder date’s cellphone number so you don’t ~accidentally drunk text him at 4am.

Products we love: J.ONE Jelly Cleanser  from kbeauty for R160/100ml, COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser from Glow Theory for R185/150ml


3. Exfoliator:

Only use twice a week max. A good scrub is like saying buh-bye to all the haters, and living your best life. It slogs off all those dead skin cells which have been accumulating, and unblocks pores, making way for a fresh dewy appearance! Products we love: Lush salt scrub Ocean Salt Scrub  from Lush for R165/120g.

Lush Skin Care
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4. Toner:

You know when you’re trying to get your life in balance by eating well, exercising, and submitting your work by the deadline? A toner is basically the same motivating force, balancing your skin in preparation for all the amazing things to come next! There are also specific treatment toners if you need a little extra help in the form of chemicals like AHA.

Products we love: Mamonde.

Skin Toner
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5. Essence:

Play the sims? Wish you had an elixir of life? Although we can’t turn back the clock, we can plump up our skin with an essence which can have the power to reverse damage.

6. Ampoule / Serum:

Do we really need an essence AND a serum? Not necessarily, but if you need help in certain areas of your skin in terms of acne or hyperpigmentaion, this step is not to be missed!

Products we love: Klairs Vitamin C drops.

Skin Care
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7. Sheet masks:

Praise Korea for sheet-masks! These packs are filled with multiple ingredients meticulously chosen for your skin concerns. You’ll never get bored trying all the many varieties, and the cute packaging will have you stocking face-masks like an extreme hoarder.

Products we love: Hello Skin.

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8. Moisturiser:

Western cosmetics do not work on every skin type, due to their heavy nature. We have found that most (if not all) Korean brands are sensitive and respect every skin type to not allow breakouts, ’cause who needs those! We have spent Your skin is a group project that actually ~works because each participant puts effort into the process, not relying on one step to do all of the work (here’s looking at you, high school group projects). The moisturiser should have you feeling plump and layered

Skin Care
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9. Eye Cream:

Some *dead-white-dude once said “the eyes are the window to your soul”

*Yes, we know it’s Shakespeare, don’t @ us.

10. Sun-care:

South Africa is a notoriously HOT country, both the weather and the people 😉 We don’t really have much of a winter, even when it’s raining, the sun is still creeping! Sunscreen is an important step and needs to be implemented EVERYDAY so that we don’t end up looking like a worn out pleather bag at the back of our grandma’s closets.

Products we love: Klairs

Skin Care
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Rubbing and tugging on your skin is eventually going to cause it to droop and wrinkles to form prematurely. The trick is to gently pat the products (steps 4,5,6,8,10) onto your face, waking up your blood flow, so your skin is warm and easily absorbs those awesome ingredients!

We wanna walk into campus with those Cullen vibes, hypnotising everyone with our glass-skin, and have ’em guessing about how old we really are.


We know it seems like a bucket load of instructions to remember, and a lot of moola to spend, but if you want the #factsoflife , there’s a good chance you are going to be stuck with your face for a very long time. Don’t rush into an existential crisis just yet, self-care is an important part of your overall health, and implementing even a few of these steps into your daily routine could help you to see the brighter side of things.

Skin Care
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Will you be following the 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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thank you, next

“thank u, next” is an innocent but eloquent and enlightening song, you just want to reach through it and hug that tiny ball of love that is Ariana Grande. She is on an entirely different plateau in life that we can all strive to get onto. Her tribute to Mac Miller is especially sad, she calls him an “angel” in the song, basically saying that although it seems like she’s “loved and…lost” she sees it as a learning experience. The song also has a cute, catchy melody you can have a happy and empowered dance to, and we can’t get it out of our heads!


A new form of dis tracks

We’re all aware of dis tracks coming from artists after a break-up or a friendship / deal which didn’t work. And then there’s Ariana Grande. A woman who has been through hell and high water, and still managed to create a song which is so beautiful and inspiring, we feel bad for even thinking about slashing the tires of our ex’s cars.

Ariana Grande
Via the Atlantic

A low-down on events:

  • During her concert in Manchester on the 22nd of May 2017, a terrorist attack took the lives of over 20 people, many of whom were children. This tragedy had a devastating effect on Ariana, who is closely connected to her fans
  • Ariana planned a benefit concert “One Love Manchester” in June 2017 to raise funds for the victims of the terrorist attack
  • Ariana has a seemingly amicable split with rapper, Mac Miller in early 2018
  • Shortly after, she was seen with Pete Davidson (SNL comedian) who she became engaged to after a whirlwind romance
  • Grande receives hate from trolls who blame her split with Mac the reason for his actions after the break-up. She tweets a response
  • Mac Miller is found dead in September 2018, Ariana becomes silent on all social media, posting a caption-less picture of Mac on Instagram a day after, followed by a touching post a few days later
  • Ariana and Pete Davidson call off their engagement October 2018
  • Ariana releases song on the 3rd of November 2018, moments before Pete Davidson is due on SNL

    Ariana Grande
    via BBC

2017 and 2018 have been one hectic roller-coaster for Ariana and many fans were worried about her. Especially after she shared that she has been struggling with anxiety due to the terrorist attack. She has given so much respect to the victims of the attack, admitting to feeling badly for even having a reaction to the event because she hadn’t lost a family member. Although for her, her fans are a kind of sub-family, so we can absolutely understand her sadness towards it.

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande Instagram

We have MANY things to say about Pete, but the fact that Ariana herself is so mature in how she handles her relationships, makes us want to be better human beans and how we interact with others. “thank u, next” is a deeply personal, emotional, but clear message from a woman who is aware of all her struggles but CHOOSES to see them in a positive light. We’ve all been there – having a seance with our girlfriends to burn every picture, memory, hoodie (okay this is a lie, we’re keeping this), to clear our lives of the ex.

Ariana Grande girl power

Is it really necessary?

But is it really necessary? We can choose to be negative and wish the worst on the person, but where will that get us? We can’t change the actions of others, but we can choose our reaction to it. Keep those memories, the pictures, and all the time spent with that person who was once so precious to you, they are all part of your journey. Reflect, work on yourself, and invite the next step to happiness into your life.

Ariana Grande lyrics

Take some notes

If you’re going though a break-up, take some notes from Ari. Spend time with your friends, realise how blessed you are to have had love from that ex, to have developed more as a person through that relationship, and to wish them and yourself peace of mind to move on with your lives. Ask for help if you need it, there’s nothing wrong with grieving, but don’t keep it bottled in.

Ariana is proof that we don’t need to be bitter towards our ex’s. Learn from the people who have been in your life, each taught you different things or brought out different qualities in yourself. Ariana honours her ex’s with so much dignity and grace, and chooses to continue seeking happiness in her life.

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande Instagram

Our favourite lyrics from “thank you, next”

plus i met someone else,
we having better discussions
i know they say i move on too fast
but this one gon’ last
’cause her name is Ari
and i’m so good with that

Role model

Ariana has never claimed to be a role model for younger generations, yet she has many fans who adore her because she is RELATABLE in her imperfections and funny-as-hell memes. We hope South Africa is one of her destinations for the Sweetener work tour! You can call us complete fans of Ari for life <3 This woman has a big open heart, and we don’t deserve her. THANK YOU, ARI

Sweetener Ariana Grande Cover

Take a listen to her song and send her some love!

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