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Bouncy curls that ooze personality are the agenda. For those of us born with
stick straight hair, this sounds like a dream. Coincidentally perms are back with a vengeance… Not the 80’s poodle perm that your mom had at her matric dance though. I came across a picture of my fringe looking like strings (I wish the barcode aesthetic was real) and decided that a modern perm was for me.

bad haircut

Here is my journey to getting curls!



Bella Maria is a 19-year-old South African singer, songwriter and music producer with an alternative take on music. Her diverse and honest approach to her music has given this singer-songwriter a creative confidence that shines through in her captivating vocals and honest lyrics, and has caught the ears of a community of music lovers with her honest storytelling and raw, beautiful voice.

Bella Maria
Image by: Jessie Exsteen

Stylist: Gemma Taylor

Over the course of the past two years, Bella has built an at-home recording studio where she has the freedom to write, produce, record, mix and master from the comfort of her home.

Home is where the recording studio is

“I have become well-versed in the art of home recording. I am a firm believer in rather not having to ever need anyone, so I thought what better way to not need anyone than to build a home studio. Having the power and ability to write, record, produce, mix and master music on my own definitely makes releasing my own music rewarding, especially as it’s such a rare thing to know how to do by yourself in this industry nowadays. I released my first two homemade singles, “belonged 2 U” and “Disco Volante” last year (2018) and that very quickly caught a lot of attention. After that, local DJ Polar Inc. approached me to write and sing for his single, “Cinematic Summer”, and from there got even more attention within the music world.”

Bella Maria
Image by: Jessie Exsteen

Stylist: Gemma Taylor

Collaborations lead to many things

Bella’s recent collaboration with Polar Inc. caught the attention of the South African group, Goldfish. Goldfish reposted their track on Soundcloud and added it to their Spotify ‘favourite songs mixtape’ playlist. “I can definitely say that I am proud that I’ve come so far on my own. I’m an independent singer/songwriter who writes truthfully about the experiences we all tend to go through nowadays. I am a complete open book in my lyrics – I can’t really help it to be honest. The truth sets you free, and the more truthful you are to yourself, the better you’ll understand yourself and your abilities, therefor the happier you’ll be for sure.”
“I have always dabbled in songwriting but never took it seriously until my Matric year. It was quite a difficult and lonely time for me to be completely honest, but it gave me more time to experiment with music and creativity.

Bella Maria
By: Bella Maria


During this particular time, as cliche as it sounds, creating music really helped me get through it all. I’ve always considered myself to be creative and heavily involved in music and expression through creativity as I find there is nothing more genuinely beautiful and authentic in life than expressing feelings
and emotions through art; a way of expression through something other than merely words. I try to write music that is as relatable as possible, however I often find myself creating whatever has flown. Whether it be about the universe, the moon, people, love etc. It really depends on my mood and the atmosphere the universe has given off that particular day/week. I don’t categorise my music as one specific genre, but rather explore the different realms of music with each song I create to see what works for me.”

Music is Bella’s most natural form of self-expression, as well as exploring and indulging in every possible sphere within the arts; cinematography (filming and editing) photography, art, music, poetry, writing, etc. Her thematic direction and focus highlights past experiences, exaggerated real events, human connections, fantasy, romance, art, astrology, and passion.

Bella Maria
Image by: Jessie Exsteen

Stylist: Gemma Taylor

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Contact Info:
Website: https://bellamariamusic.com/
Email: bella@bellamariamusic.com
Instagram: @bellamaria
Twitter: @bellamaria
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8w5fJnm2gIlyUxoZyZalgw
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bellamariamusic/

SKOON. Skincare – honest, pure and non-toxic.

Is that even “good” for you?

Let’s face it. We are confronted with so many choices when it comes to skincare. We often go with products that we know the brand of – huge, massive, corporates that don’t necessarily care about you and how it will impact you in the long haul. Skincare products are often labelled as “natural” and “clinically tested,” however, this does not mean that it is exactly “good” for you.

SKOON Skincare


LOVE is in the air! The Bachelor South Africa has FINALLY hit out televisions screens! The first episode of the popular reality dating show aired last week Thursday which also happened to be one the SAME as Valentine’s day (what a coincidence). We got to meet all the beautiful South African women that are trying to steal Lee Thompson’s heart away… and become his Fiancé at the end of the season. Okurrrr! Here are all the ladies:

The Bachelor South Africa
Image via: YouTube


by Daniella de Nobrega

Sticking to rules is a thing of the past. Forget colour clashes and fitting in with the rest. Fashion is one of the best ways to express yourself and your originality. Why not use it to your advantage? Most fashion don’ts are turning into trends and are simply being transformed into something we would never have thought of. Once you forget about what others think and just simply be you, you might end up creating a trend of your own. We decided to have a look at some of the crazy trends that actually ended up working pretty well.


All About – Anne Hirsch:

Anne Hirsch studied drama at the one and only university that pumps, ‘Stellies’. She completed her Honours and Master’s degree in Theatre and Performance at the University of Cape Town. She decided to start her own YouTube show ‘The Anne Hirsch Show’ that is honestly the funniest South African comedy to watch! During the show, she interviews some of South Africa’s top celebrities. We’re taking a look at our favourite episodes on the show, her career as a whole and also the big, fat LOLs we had along the way.

Anne Hirsch
Image via: YouTube @TheAnneHirschShow


By Nikita Da-Cunha

Tresor Riziki:

Born and raised in The Democratic Republic of Congo, Tresor was orphaned at an early age and faced may challenges throughout his life. This did not stop him from following his musical dreams! In 2007 he moved to Durban to pursue his musical career. In order to make a living, Tresor worked as a car and security guard within the city.

Image by: Tahlecia Constantinou


Did you know that our skin is the biggest organ on our entire bodies; this is why we need to protect it. So whether you have dry, oily or combination skin; acne, stubborn blackheads or an uneven complexion, we have a 100% natural face mask/scrub that’ll get to work on your skin. We’re giving you a few face masks to make at home (#DIY because anybody can – Suzelle)!



By Tina Hadjidakis

Queen of social media

We all know that Kylie Jenner is and will always be the QUEEN of social media. However, the 21-year-old was surprisingly dethroned from this title in the past week as an image of an egg became the all time most liked photo on Instagram, surpassing Kylie’s previously held record.

Breaking the internet

On 6th February 2018, Kylie Jenner ‘broke the internet’ when she revealed an image of her newly born daughter, Stormi Webster, for the first time. This picture portrayed the adorable baby girl holding onto her young mother’s thumb. Due to a cuteness overload, the Instagram post attracted millions of admirers and became the most liked image on the social media platform with 18 million likes.

Stormi WebsterNearly one year later, an anonymous individual made the decision to challenge this record by posting a stock image of an egg onto Instagram. This world famous stranger who goes by the name ‘Eugene the egg’, was given the idea after reading an article about the top 20 Instagram posts of 2018.

Most liked photo on InstagramEggscuse me – who are you?

He/She wanted to break the world record with an image that was incredibly simple. The unidentified person also mentioned the fact that an egg could represent the frailties of celebrity culture and therefore was a suitable choice. At first, the post did not gain great popularity. However, with time, it spread like wildfire across Instagram and within 10 days the record had been broken. The new total stands at an astounding 39 million likes and counting. Who would have thought that a picture of an egg could beat Kylie Jenner’s record?

Above and beyond this, who would have thought that the person to break this record would be anonymous. The only detail that the stranger was prepared to share with the world, was that he/she is ‘an individual living in London’.The Instagram account of this egg started off with 400 followers and now boasts a whopping 5,6 million followers.

Breaking the egg

Shorty after the news broke, Kylie took to Instagram with a comical video captioned ‘take that little egg’ where she is seen cracking an egg on a what-seemed-to-be boiling hot road. The star did not appear to be genuinely hurt or upset about losing the record as bursts of laughter are evident in the background of the clip. Although we do feel bad for Kylie Jenner and her loss, we are also weirdly proud to learn that an ordinary individual was able to achieve such an extraordinary target.

Setting the record straight

Ellen Degeneres then said on her talk show that she is going to combine the egg and Kylie Jenner’s face to combine the two most liked images into one – and challenge that image to be the most liked.

What do you think of this challenge? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay TrendE

Athleisure is a thing and it’s here to stay.

Taking athleisure to the next level, though, is Burnt Studios. The newest local brand that has taken over the scene. They call their products Active Street Wear, blending your fresh style in the streets with your busy and active lifestyle. Burnt Studios focuses on providing trendy, beautifully designed and super high-quality products, perfect for smashing an intense workout or for having a chill day in the city.

Burnt Studios Details

By Josie Mooi

How To Start & End Your Week With These Crazy Food Specials:

Monday Madness: Trenchtown

We all know how Mondays can be stressful and tiring, the start of a new work week – argh! But now we can say YAY to Mondays and goodbye to Monday blues because Trenchtown in trendy observatory aka Obs have a crazy Monday madness special that we absolutely love, besides who doesn’t need a bit of madness in their lives.

Trench Town
Image via: Zomato ZA


By Nikita Da-Cunha

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters Is Engaged To Tim Tebow:

Demi-Leigh is engaged and is officially off the market!! (Sorry guys). The 23 year South African beauty said ‘YES!’ to her boyfriend of just 7 months, when he got down on one knee at his hometown in Jacksonville, Florida. Tim Tebow is a former professional American football quarterback and fitness enthusiast. The couple started dating last year in July when Demi was living in New York City as Miss Universe. Their engagement is possibly one of the most romantic proposals we have heard of in a while. We are giving you all the details on the engagement!

Demi Leigh and Tim Tebow Engagement
Image via: Instagram @kellybramanphotography


This past weekend we were celebrating the most exciting movies and television shows released in the past year! The 76th Golden Globes Awards took place this past weekend in Los Angeles, California. It was a night filled with lots of celebration, drama and crazy fashion!

golden globes 2019Were you one of those people that missed the whole awards ceremony and have no idea what happened? Well, no need to stress – we are giving you a list of the winners, outfits and all the highlights you are dying to know of what actually went down at the awards ceremony this past weekend – here they are:

The New York Times
Image via: The New York Times


By Ra-eesa Chotia

Get SKIN-NY This Summer – with these 5 Tips For Clear Skin.

No matter how old or young we are, we are never safe from the occasional zit or everyday oily messes that are our skin! Unfortunately, pimples do not discriminate and can hit you unexpectedly or for some people EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES. Feeling embarrassed to walk out of the house because your complexion is stopping you? Feel the need to cover up your face when someone is looking at you because you are afraid they might spot the spots on your face? Most of us suffer from pimple paranoia and that is why we put together these tips to give you a confident complexion. The tips are listed below from the most expensive to the cheapest alternatives.

Image via: Acne ZA