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Bella Maria is a 19-year-old South African singer, songwriter and music producer with an alternative take on music. Her diverse and honest approach to her music has given this singer-songwriter a creative confidence that shines through in her captivating vocals and honest lyrics, and has caught the ears of a community of music lovers with her honest storytelling and raw, beautiful voice.

Bella Maria
Image by: Jessie Exsteen

Stylist: Gemma Taylor

Over the course of the past two years, Bella has built an at-home recording studio where she has the freedom to write, produce, record, mix and master from the comfort of her home.

Home is where the recording studio is

“I have become well-versed in the art of home recording. I am a firm believer in rather not having to ever need anyone, so I thought what better way to not need anyone than to build a home studio. Having the power and ability to write, record, produce, mix and master music on my own definitely makes releasing my own music rewarding, especially as it’s such a rare thing to know how to do by yourself in this industry nowadays. I released my first two homemade singles, “belonged 2 U” and “Disco Volante” last year (2018) and that very quickly caught a lot of attention. After that, local DJ Polar Inc. approached me to write and sing for his single, “Cinematic Summer”, and from there got even more attention within the music world.”

Bella Maria
Image by: Jessie Exsteen

Stylist: Gemma Taylor

Collaborations lead to many things

Bella’s recent collaboration with Polar Inc. caught the attention of the South African group, Goldfish. Goldfish reposted their track on Soundcloud and added it to their Spotify ‘favourite songs mixtape’ playlist. “I can definitely say that I am proud that I’ve come so far on my own. I’m an independent singer/songwriter who writes truthfully about the experiences we all tend to go through nowadays. I am a complete open book in my lyrics – I can’t really help it to be honest. The truth sets you free, and the more truthful you are to yourself, the better you’ll understand yourself and your abilities, therefor the happier you’ll be for sure.”
“I have always dabbled in songwriting but never took it seriously until my Matric year. It was quite a difficult and lonely time for me to be completely honest, but it gave me more time to experiment with music and creativity.

Bella Maria
By: Bella Maria


During this particular time, as cliche as it sounds, creating music really helped me get through it all. I’ve always considered myself to be creative and heavily involved in music and expression through creativity as I find there is nothing more genuinely beautiful and authentic in life than expressing feelings
and emotions through art; a way of expression through something other than merely words. I try to write music that is as relatable as possible, however I often find myself creating whatever has flown. Whether it be about the universe, the moon, people, love etc. It really depends on my mood and the atmosphere the universe has given off that particular day/week. I don’t categorise my music as one specific genre, but rather explore the different realms of music with each song I create to see what works for me.”

Music is Bella’s most natural form of self-expression, as well as exploring and indulging in every possible sphere within the arts; cinematography (filming and editing) photography, art, music, poetry, writing, etc. Her thematic direction and focus highlights past experiences, exaggerated real events, human connections, fantasy, romance, art, astrology, and passion.

Bella Maria
Image by: Jessie Exsteen

Stylist: Gemma Taylor

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Rock ‘n Toast is a contemporary beer bakery in the Foreshore that opened on the 1st of August 2017. They serve GOOOOD food and are reasonably priced with R80-R100 being spent per visit.

Two friends, Jaco and Francois, met at a market in Stellenbosch. Now Jaco and Francois aren’t just two normal okes. Jaco has a law degree and is furthering his studies in the economics field while Francois was a finalist in South African Masterchef 2014. Francois has many culinary achievements such as running the best coffee shop in SA 2016 as well as working at the Spier Farm bakery. Literally a match made in heaven!


 by Simonne Stellenboom

We all have that one actress we are looking up to, the one we aspire to be and our girl crushes – for whom we will watch any show for, as long as they are in it. Women in Hollywood have brought us powerful roles, yet they are robbed of their personal power when they face gender inequalities, sexual harassment and assault. Fortunately, women, with the support of society are standing up for themselves and talking about their experiences in Hollywood.

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You feel anxious, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have an anxiety disorder.
You feel sad, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are depressed.
You get mood swings, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are bipolar.
You get angry, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have anger management issues.
Anxiety is a part of most people’s lives these days and it’s so easy to label ourselves and heighten our humane symptoms and assume we have a disorder. The mind is the most powerful tool. What we put into our mind on repeat, becomes the outcome of our life. This relates to the power of affirmation.
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What if I told you that the way we’ve been drying our hair our entire life is wrong? Or that cutting our hair every month won’t make it grow any faster? It is common for us to make mistakes when we don’t even know they are mistakes in the first place and there are thousands of missteps we make every single day because we THINK it is the right way to do it. This is not our fault because we are simply misinformed. And that’s exactly where we have come to the rescue! We about to start you off on five mistakes you are making when it comes to beauty and ultimately save you from making them again. It’s okay, you can thank us later!

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Electric city life, rich culture, modish eateries and senescent architecture. Sound like a mishmash of requirements of a group of young travelers? Well, it is. We at TrendE know that travelling as a student can be daunting, especially when trying to cater to everyone’s needs and wants on a budget. It’s almost impossible to find a singular destination to accommodate everyone…or is it? With a mix of old and new, Eastern and Western, not to mention outrageously affordable, Bangkok is the wanderer’s dream and will grab a hold of your soul for good!Bangkok Details

Tattoos create a division in society depending on people’s perceptions and beliefs. Some say that a tattoo will ruin a person’s chances of landing a distinguished job or link negative connotations to the art form. However, there are others that embrace the art of tattoos as a form of personal expression, using their body as a canvas to tell a unique story about themselves and their lives.  Then there are also people that get tattoos to create a memory of someone special or of a loved one who’s passed away. The generation gap between the older generation and generation X and Y has fueled the hot topic debate of tattoos as a societal acceptance.

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When the words “thrift shop” most people think about the 2012 hit by Macklemore, well sadly for those people this article is not about that.

thrift shopping

To thrift or not to thrift

Thrifting is a unique experience. It is the ultimate example of one person’s trash being another person’s treasure. Over the past few years thrifting really lost its stigma and became a popular fashion trend worldwide.


LOVE is in the air! The Bachelor South Africa has FINALLY hit out televisions screens! The first episode of the popular reality dating show aired last week Thursday which also happened to be one the SAME as Valentine’s day (what a coincidence). We got to meet all the beautiful South African women that are trying to steal Lee Thompson’s heart away… and become his Fiancé at the end of the season. Okurrrr! Here are all the ladies:

The Bachelor South Africa
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Nestled between picturesque mountain ranges adorned by sloping vineyards that range as far as they eye can see, lies the breathtakingly beautiful Franschhoek Valley. At its heart you will find the quaint town of Franschhoek, well-known for its Cape Dutch architecture, high-toned open-air restaurants and hidden treasures.


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott celebrated their daughter Stormi’s first birthday party this past weekend and it was a whole mood.

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i had to go all out for my baby. #StormiWorld

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The parents splashed out on a swanky “Stormi World” birthday celebration, based off dad Travis Scott’s latest album, Astroworld. The party was basically an entire amusement park complete with rides, games and entertainment.

Here are some of our favourite moments (as if we were there):

The entrance

The entrance was a giant blowup of Stormi’s baby face, an idea taken straight from Astroworld’s album cover.

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Welcome to stormi world #stormiworld⛈🌎

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TULSA SHOW POSTPONED😔 @travisscott 🔥

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Guests were to walk through a “storm” to access the party – which could be a play on the tiny tot’s name or the fact that her party was moved due to bad weather conditions.

As they passed the OTT entrance, partygoers entered through a rainbow archway with Stormi’s age on it. Beyond this, women dressed as fairies and princesses welcomed all those in attendance.

The food

Sure, fries are amazing – they’re salty and delicious and every bite is basically heaven. But Stormi World fries? They were extra AF, served in pastel pink containers featuring a Stormi-themed take on the famous Louis Vuitton logo. Levels.

Another fave for us – Giant pretzels offered on umbrellas! Who has time for trays, right? As waiters walked pass, guests would simply pick a pretzel off the umbrella hat and munch away. Yum!

Image via E! Entertainment

The birthday cake was colourful and huge (five tiers), adorned with flowers and an elaborate (working!) carousel. The cake also included a snap of Kylie and Stormi, which added a nice personal touch to what we imagine must have been a super delicious cake.

Also on offer were mini pepperoni and cheese pizzas, sweets, cookies, and drinks – all Stormi-branded one way or another.

The Baby Shark performance

A live Baby Shark performance got everyone dancing and singing. Even Travis Scott isn’t too cool for that jam.

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The ball pit, Stormi-shaped games and bubble room seemed just as entertaining.

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The party favours

Guests were treated to exclusive Stormi merch at the designated “Stormi’s Gift Shop”. Anyone who didn’t attend (or wasn’t invited) obviously has major FOMO.

The guests

Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian were all there of course.

Kim Kardashian couldn’t make it because the date of the party was rescheduled last minute (weather conditions, remember). But North was there and we’re pretty sure she told mommy all about it.

Khloe Kardashian’s twin besties Khadija and Malika McCray were also on the guest list.

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Just this 🏆 #christianmoment #stormiworld

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I just wanna be your teddy bear

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And so was Caitlyn Jenner:

Everyone who has Instagram would not forget that DJ Khaled attended, because he was kind enough to gift the one-year-old with her first Chanel bag. Not coping.

She might not remember her first birthday party, nor have any idea what was going on. But with that sweet little smile on her face, there’s no denying that Stormi had one ball of a time!

Next up: Khloe Kardashian’s baby girl True Thompson (April 12). We can only imagine what the party is going to be like!


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