Being a not-so-hidden gem along the Southern Peninsula, Simon’s Town has everything to offer. Thinking of taking a break from busy city life? Want any excuse to spend time holding onto that holiday feeling? Well, here it is. With many accommodation options this historic town is the perfect spot for a weekend retreat. Or simply spend a day filled with history, food and nature.

On the foodie scene, this small town boasts many restaurants and cafes. A few that make our top hits are The Sweetest Thing, Saveur, and the ice cream store!



Rock ‘n Toast is a contemporary beer bakery in the Foreshore that opened on the 1st of August 2017. They serve GOOOOD food and are reasonably priced with R80-R100 being spent per visit.

Two friends, Jaco and Francois, met at a market in Stellenbosch. Now Jaco and Francois aren’t just two normal okes. Jaco has a law degree and is furthering his studies in the economics field while Francois was a finalist in South African Masterchef 2014. Francois has many culinary achievements such as running the best coffee shop in SA 2016 as well as working at the Spier Farm bakery. Literally a match made in heaven!


Summer time can get a little bit sticky, exceedingly hot AND dining at a typical indoor restaurant can be quite boring and predictable. Imagine dining while watching the sunset, sipping some gin while being hit by a cool sea breeze or better yet – enjoying your favourite meal while relaxing on a beach lounge chair. That would be AMAZING, wouldn’t it? Well, we here to tell you that you can eat and unwind all at the same spot! Below is a list of restaurants and eateries that will give you that desired outdoorsy summer vibe, just keep reading.

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“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” they say. It needs to be ‘hearty, wholesome and filling’ they say. But we’d like to know if this they have full-time jobs, a boss breathing down their necks, relationships to nurture and an Instagram account to update? Because, ain’t nobody got time to make a hearty, wholesome and filling breakfast every morning. So if you’re an average mere mortal like the rest of us, here are the best breakfast ideas to try for every type of morning.

Lazy Morning Breakfast
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As little children, we play pretend a lot of the time; we pretend to be firemen, ballerinas, nurses, and aliens – the potential we hold at that age is virtually unlimited. As we mature into adults, we no longer enjoy that luxury, your identity is determined by and becomes the property of those around you, every one of whom expecting something different from you. What if we told you that there is a place you can go and become whomever you choose to be? A haven for hard-working Capetonians and tourists alike, where the only identity that is important is the one you portray. At Incognito, the name says it all; come as yourself and become anyone…or just settle in with some good friends and have a cold beer, whichever most tickles your fancy.

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By Josie Mooi

How To Start & End Your Week With These Crazy Food Specials:

Monday Madness: Trenchtown

We all know how Mondays can be stressful and tiring, the start of a new work week – argh! But now we can say YAY to Mondays and goodbye to Monday blues because Trenchtown in trendy observatory aka Obs have a crazy Monday madness special that we absolutely love, besides who doesn’t need a bit of madness in their lives.

Trench Town
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The Cape’s Top Ramen & Izakaya Bar:

Oishi! Oishi! Oishi! For those who aren’t fluent in Japanese, “Oishi” (美味しい) refers to a colloquially used adjective for tasty food. Normally paired with the eye-closing, lip-smacking gastronomical euphoria induced by well-made Japanese food. As fans of the culture seeking a state of perpetual food Zen, we sought out to find the best spot in Cape Town to quench our thirst for the oriental beauty of Japanese cuisine, that doesn’t feel too far from home. Cut-cue to the Three Wise Monkeys Izakaya & Ramen bar, a spunky yet quaint little gem hidden at 77 Regent Rd, Sea Point.

Three Wise Monkeys
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The long-awaited South African summer have finally arrived and this means that we are spending our blissful days leisurely lounging along the coasts of our beautiful country. So much to do and see, yet, so little time! We know that you do not want to spend hours searching for the perfect vegetarian recipe and that is why we compiled (yup, you guessed it!) another yummy list of two easy and quick nutritious recipes to try. We made sure that the ingredients are super accessible as well. Without further ado, grab your chef’s hat and dive in.

Fruit and Vegetables Details

It was the year 1847 when a wise young man by the name of Joseph Fry developed the process of moulding chocolate and so this treat, as we know it today, was born. The Latin name of the cacao tree is Theobroma Cacao which translates to “food of the gods” and we can definitely understand why the ancients would think of it in this way. If there was ever a universal treat that could unite people together then it is the humble cacao bean. And just when we thought we couldn’t grow fonder of this velvety treat, we found out that eating chocolate can actually be healthy!

Chocolate Desserts
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Making the change to a meatless diet has never been easier. Nearly every restaurant these days has a variety of options to satisfy your typical vegetarian. Finally, the world has recognised that vegetarianism is not some fringe diet existing purely amongst hippies and eccentrics. The world has accepted that vegetarians make up a significant market force and they are making efforts to cater for us. Even the fast food industry has acknowledged our existence and strives to accommodate. However, you can’t most people can’t eat out every night and so a few handy tricks in the kitchen are necessary to keep you going.

Vegetarian Food
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Cape Town is most famous for its beauty and oh so vibrant nightlife. Are we surprised it’s got some of the best cocktail bars in the country? Uh, no. It’s the Mother City after all. From swanky, sophisticated bars to outdoor rooftop bars and sand-between-your-toes venues, you are sure to pick and choose where exactly you want to go this festive because really, there’s just so many options! They say, “cocktails don’t solve any problems, but then again – neither does water” So just sit back and enjoy the ride while we take you through Cape Town’s coolest cocktail spots!

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Looking for a reason to leave the house this weekend? Try these four social spaces this weekend.

1. Yours Truly (Kloof and Loop)

You have probably seen the trendy coffee shop’s branding on your Cape Town Instagram stories.   YT on Kloof is a coffee shop by day and becomes an over 21 bar at night. If you’re looking for an IG friendly spot or a place to have your pre-drinks (as it closes at 11pm). Then YT kloof’s upstairs section is the place to go for a good time as they have DJs coming in on Fridays and Saturdays. Get there early, to avoid standing the night away.  YT Kloof is the perfect spot if you are looking for a chilled and early night. But if you’re thinking of being out and about then head on to the YT on Loop. Take walk through the famous Long Street and also try the places below.


First Thursday

First Thursday as we all know (or if you’ve been living under a rock and you’re clueless, haha) is a public event where retail stores, art galleries and restaurants around Cape Town’s central city stay open until 9pm or later on the first Thursday of every month, allowing anyone and everyone to explore the city on foot and discover all that the Mother City has to offer.  This does not include a  tour, schedule or guided walk therefore, you’re literally free  to go where your heart desires.  It’s safe to say 2018 is a wrap, so why not wrap it up with a  bang?  Below we have a list of a few art galleries, eateries and stores to attend on the last First Thursday of 2018.


With the water crisis now come and gone, so is our apparent thirst for water. Capetonians have never needed an excuse to hydrate, and with the festive season looming ahead of us, we are not surprised to see water bottles being traded for cold beers and yummy cocktails. Needless to say that happy hour looks a lot more, well, happier. With after work drinks, pre-dinner drinks and just plain ol’ drinks – our local watering holes are becoming a bit crowded. So we took to the streets of Cape Town to find you four sundowner spots to check out this summer. You’re welcome!

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