There are a lot of wineries to explore in the Western Cape and there are many lists pointing out the “best wineries” that there is to offer. We would like to tell our story of some of the most unique wineries out there and why we think they are special and why you should visit them.



If you ever find yourself in the Stellenbosch area, treat yourself to the magnificence that is Peter Falke! Their wines are refreshingly fruity and the nachos are to die for, trust us when we say this! 

The Venue:

Let us just start by saying that Peter Falke wines are just as good as the Falke socks. Grab a seat on a beanbag under an umbrella, lounge about on their gorgeous lawns or take shelter from the heat inside their tasting room. One thing’s for sure when it’s a perfect summer’s day, there’s nothing quite like grabbing your gal and pals and heading out for some wine tasting. You know what they say ”it’s always wine O’Clock”. 

Wine Estate
Image via: weinclub ZA


Have you ever noticed how people talk louder when they drink a glass of wine? Apparently, it has something to do with the alcohol content that’s listed by volume. But who even cares about that when everybody knows that drinking wine doesn’t make you fat, it makes you lean (against tables and chairs and walls) …

Oh, my! Too many cheesy wine jokes, Trendees? Wait, did someone just mention a cheese and wine pairing? You guys just simply have to forgive us. Since the beautiful town of Stellenbosch, aka wine-country, is just around the corner from Cape Town, we had no choice but to hop on over and enjoy a glass of the good stuff. Since wine is how classy people get wasted, here is a list of must-try vineyards or markets to visit today:

Wine Estate in Stellenbosch Wine Tasting
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