We give young individuals the opportunity to contribute to our TrendE News. Our writers write about their own experiences and share it with you. This allows TrendE to have eyes everywhere in the Mother City. Want to become one of our content creators?


Here is how it works:


1. Write an article about one of the following topics:


– Art

– Fashion

– Beauty

– Your favourite restaurant

– A great recipe

– A winery of your choice

– A food special in Cape Town

– Celebrity news

– New music releases / Music update

– TV shows or movies to watch

– Events happening in Cape Town


2. Send it to us via email


A few good-to-knows:


* Please send your blog post in WORD format and all the images as attachments please. If you used gifs – please send us the links to them.


* Please also note that the blogs must not refer to “I” or “me” – and rather “we” and “us”. Write as if you are in a team and not an individual!


* TIP: go to our website to see more of the lingo, topics, slang and style for inspiration.


What happens then?


If you become part of the team, you will be added to our Website as a Content Contributor. Here are our blogging conditions if you become a contributor:


1. Share the Instagram photo AND article link on Facebook relating to your article on your social media pages and tag us!

2. Enter the TrendE website URL in your bio as a “content contributor” on Instagram OR tag us in your bio.

3. We will pay you R100 if it is approved and it goes live.

4. Each contributor has to provide us a minimum of TWO articles per MONTH.

5. Make one Instagram story about @trendenews a month (Follow Trende! type of post)


It’s as simple as that!